Episode 6.11 – Happily Ever After – Filming Update – 16Th Jan

Thanks to our contact PF108 for the following.

In my excitement for Hurley and Libby, I forgot to mention one thing about the “benifet”, Pierre Chang was also in that scene.

On Sat. Jan. 16th, 2010 Desmond and Widmore were filming a scene at The D.H. stadge. Was set in Widmore’s office.

Source: PF108@DarkUFO

Lost Season 6 – Filming Update – 18Th Jan

Update: 19th Jan Thanks to Jeffrey for sending us this little report and some photos. Not very spoilerly I’m afraid 🙂 Photos and Report

Thanks to our contact PF108 for the following.

Even tho it’s an American holiday the Lost cast and crew are ferverishly working on the finally episodes of the series.

Three seperate scenes are being shot today.

1) John Locke is filming a scene at the D.H. stage.

2) Libby is filming a scene with some doctors at a hospital.

3) Desmond, Minokowski,Hurley and Claire are all shooting a big airport scene (big as in alot of background people), (shot at HNL airport)

Source: PF108@DarkUFO

Small Snippet On Penny From Fancast

When you visited the ‘FlashForward’ set, did you ask Sonya Walger if she would be returning to ‘Lost’? I can’t see them ending the show without some resolution for Penny and Desmond. – Steven
‘Yes, you will see Penny again,” Walger confirmed, even though, she noted, that storyline has been “fairly well wrapped up” and even Henry Ian Cusick failed to score a spot on the simpulan season’s cast of regulars. Walger though is “absolutely delighted” to offer up an extra bit of closure, saying, “I loved playing Penny and they’ve written wonderful stuff for me to do, historically, so I’d be sad not to go and sign her out.”

Source: Fancast